Translation Patch

I'll post updates on this page as they are finished. For those of you who don't know a team of dedicated fanboys are currently working on a translation patch for FFIV DS. Our plan is to translate just about everything except for dialogue.

UPDATE: The semi-final beta version of the patch has been released! You can grab it from the release thread on GBAtemp.

Current Progress

Section Percent Complete
System Messages 100%
Field Messages 75%
Main Menu 95%
Location Names 0%
Spell Names 100%
Decant Names 95%
Item Names 100%
Key Items 100%
Weapon Names 100%
Armor Names 100%
Monster Names 100%
Spells Descriptions 100%
Decant Descriptions 75%
Item Descriptions 100%
Weapon Descriptions 100%
Armor Descriptions 100%
Monster Descriptions 0%
Summon Descriptions 100%


Lead Translators
BelmontSlayer (TheMatrixMaster)
Raganook (Ayos Lunar)
Lead Programmers
BelmontSlayer (TheMatrixMaster)
Jeatin (Stone Sword)
Raganook (Ayos Lunar)


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