SNES To DS Changes

Battle Changes

  • You now control Cecil in battle in the opening sequence
  • Auto Battle System
  • Cecil cannot equip bows or staves
  • Rydia, Palom & Porom cannot equip bows
  • Rosa can use daggers
  • Arrows are not consumed when shooting a bow, and come in quantity of 1 from chests
  • Characters rejoin at set levels
  • Tellah is now able to earn sufficient MP above 90, with sufficient level ups. (thus allowing meteor to be cast early.)
  • Bosses are generally harder and have new attack patterns
  • Switching weapons mid-battle takes up a turn
  • Bows are fixed on the right hand, while arrows are fixed on the left
  • Bows no longer cause extra damage to flying targets
  • Spears no longer cause extra damage to flying targets
  • Edge can no longer equip claws
  • Bahamut's megaflare attack cannot be reflected.

Ability Changes

  • Cecil's dark attack requires using dark then using the attack command
  • Cecil gains more white magic spells (Protect, Shell, Raise, Teleport)
  • New magic spells Ultima, Faith, Brave, Bubble (and enemy-only Reverse)
  • Gilbert can select songs to perform and has a number of new songs
  • Child Rydia learns different spells over the long run
  • Bio damage reduced
  • Can use spells from the magic menu without going back to the main menu after each turn
  • Exit/Warp is disabled in all Castles and towns. (prevents bugs, like fetching the dark crystal early.)
  • Warp is completely disabled in the Sealed cave. you now have to walk all the way back out.
  • Warp now puts you at the start point of the previous room.
  • Rydia does not learn meteor untill level 80
  • Osmose consumes 5MP

Story Changes

  • New flashback scene of Cecil/Kain dueling in Baron Castle
  • Additional dialogue between Cecil/Rosa in Baron Castle bedroom (?)
  • Extended scene in village of Mist between Cecil/Kain/Rydia
  • New scene featuring Cecil's parents and him being found by the King of Baron (playing as young Golbez.)

Misc. Changes

  • Rydia has a new companion, the Pochika
  • Decant Ability System
  • Auto-map, rewards for 100% exploration per level
  • New Hidden bosses
  • Subtle map changes to towns and dungeons (ie: On the peak of Mt.Ordeals, instead of a small shrine, there is now a stone tablet which teleports you to a shrine)
  • Namingway has a new job as Mappingway (changing names appears to be unavailable due to voice acting)
  • Kain and Palom are now right handed
  • Item capacity increase
  • Various characters have different stat gains
  • Stat changes past level 71 are no longer random but controlled by equipped decants
  • Spell damage has increased for most spells
  • Every character except Cid naturally gains MP
  • Elixirs can now be bought (from hummingways).
  • Dr. Lugae after he turns into the skeleton, uses new abilitie Reverse(Causing reverse of damage, healing=damage damage=healing)
  • You can no longer bring the hovercraft underground.
  • Avenger sword can be used together with shield.
  • Poison axe can be used together with shield.
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