Japanese Name English Name Location Reward Notes
ネミングウェイ Namingway Cecil's Tower A name is given to the "???'s Thoughts" decant ability. -
マッピングウェイ Mappingway Mist Cave Auto-mapping is unlocked. Get 100% completion in each map for item rewards. Accessed via Fat Chocobo.
リビングウェイ Livingway The house Rosa is sick at in Kaipo Bestiary is unlocked. Accessed via Fat Chocobo.
ダビングウェイ Dubbingway Fabul Inn Event Theatre is unlocked. Accessed via Fat Chocobo.
キャンピングウェイ Campingway Any Chocobo Forest Some gil. Give him all your tents when prompted.
ジャミングウェイ Jammingway Baron's weapon shop Jukebox is unlocked. Accessed via Fat Chocobo.
Wブッキングウェイ Double Bookingway Troia Town ??? His date is in the pub behind the counter.
プディングウェイ Puddingway Agart ??? Give him a Rainbow Pudding, a rare drop from all pudding-type monsters.
サミングウェイ Thumbingway Dwarf Castle Pub Thumbing decant ability. Beat him in a battle.
ラヴィングウェイ Lovingway Land of Summons Wants the name of your beloved. (for the DA below) -
ウェディングウェイ Weddingway Mysidia - Hall of Prayers Gives the "Love of ???" DA. -
ハミングウェイ Hummingway Hummingway Colony - -
ゴーイングマイウェイ Goingmyway Random Dungeons No Encounters DA Check below for confirmed locations.

Goingmyway Locations

Dungeon Misc. Info.
Mt. Hobbes area where you fought Mom Bomb
Sylph Cave area where the Mage Masher is found
Chocobo Forest island east of Troia
Bahamut's Cave area where the Genji Shield is found
Octomammoth/Waterfall Cave in the map just before fighting the boss
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