You can only do each minigame as long as the character is in your party. These are the only minigames, and they are accessible through the Fat Chocobo. Call the Fat Chocobo, choose the Poochika option (the first option), then choose the second option in the following menu.

Homework Questions with Rydia

  • Use all four given numbers to get an answer of 10.
  • hint Close the DS to pause the timer while you do the math.

Concentration with Rosa

  • Tap the stylus and hold it down on the screen for as many seconds as you are given.
  • Release the stylus when you think you're close to the number (closer times gets higher scores).
  • You get three attempts.
  • HINT Use a stopwatch to give the time accuratelly

Goblin Defense with (Paladin) Cecil

  • Cecil defends against a Goblin assault.
  • Tap the goblins as they run at you from the left side of the screen to deal damage.
  • Different color/size goblins will take more hits.
  • Occasionally you'll obtain a "bomb" item, accessible at the bottom left screen.
  • Tap that to instantly destroy any and all goblins on the screen.
  • You have to "Escape" by touching your Poochika before losing your second heart.
  • When you get over 5.000 points, goblins will be extremely fast.
  • If you get killed you don't get any points.

High Jump with Kain

  • Rotate the stylus around Kain as fast as you can for 10 seconds to leap high into the air.
  • You gain points as you continue rising.
  • Tap the birds as they fly at you. After about 3000 points, they increase in speed.

Shuriken Practice with Edge

  • Monsters peek out from behind trees. Launch ninja stars at them to defeat them.
  • Different monsters have different HP.
  • If you don't finish them off in time they will attack you.
  • Holding the stylus down on Edge turns him into a wooden block meaning he doesn't take any damage.
  • You can take three hits before the game is over.
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