Decant Ability

To use Decant Ability, open the menu and check key items
and use the command in order to access the Decant Ability.

Decant Ability is unremovable once used


Normal Decant Ability List

These abilities can be obtained by finding them on the floor, or by speaking with certain characters. No specific requirements beyond plot points are necessary.

Japanese English Location Effect
オートポーション Auto-Potion Obtained from Rosa in Kaipo (mandatory) Automatically uses a Potion upon receiving damage
アイテムのちしき Item Lore Found in Kaipo after Edward/Gilbart's event at night Doubles potency of items, even weapon spells from rods or staves when used as items
カウンター Counter Obtained from Yang's wife at Fabul docks (mandatory) Automatically counters most attacks with the character's FIRST Command
のろい Curse Found in Mt. Ordeals Station 7 after defeating Scarmiglione 40 MP, reduces a target's every stats by 20%
つなみ Tsunami Found in Old Waterway B3 after defeating Cagnazzo 50 MP, Water attack on all enemies; high chance of Instant-Death
ギルハント Gil Hunt Troia Pub, back stage of the show room; membership card (100,000 Gil) required to enter Gil gain +50%
たつまき Twister Magnetic Cave Crystal Room after defeating Barbariccia 60 MP, Wind attack on all enemies; instant-cast; increases Fire potency by 50%
ひきつける Attract Obtained from Dwarf King after Rydia rejoins (mandatory) All enemies attack this character
こうれつぎり Long Range Speak to every staff member in the Development Room hidden in Dwarf Castle; put Edge's book or dirty magazine counter; defeat Itou (looks like a trap door) in the Break Room, and it show should up Being in back row does not lower attack power
MP+50% MP+50% Mist Village after Rydia rejoins Max MP +50%
かえんりゅう Blaze Eblan Cave after defeating Rubicante 70 MP, Fire attack on all enemies and allies
あんこく Darkness Steal from Odin (one-time only!) Dark Knight's ability; doubles attack power but receives recoil damage; stacks with Jump and other Commands
レベルハント Level Hunt Hummingway Cave on the moon Exp gain +50%
HP+50% HP+50% Obtained from a soldier on the northern roof of Baron Castle after defeating Giant of Babel Max HP +50%
リフレクかんつう Reflect Pierce Obtained from Pochika's mom after defeating Bahamut Ignores "Reflect"
エンカウントなし No Encounters Namingway Event: speak to Hummingway on the moon and then find Hummingway again randomly in dungeon No random encounters
トレジャーハント Treasure Hunt Complete all maps Increases drop rate of rare items
サミング Thumbing Namingway Event: defeat Thumbingway in Dwarf Castle. Note: you need to give Double-Bookingway in Agart a Rainbow Pudding; he'll then appear as Puddingway in the hidden pub in Dwarf Castle. Speak to him again, and he'll change to Thumbingway Makes all enemies "Blind"
げんかいとっぱ Break Damage Limit Clear the game once (mandatory) Allows damage output to exceed 9999
???への思い Love of ??? Namingway Event: obtained from Weddingway in Mysidia. Note: ??? is your lover's name, the one you told Lovingway in Summon's Village Increases attack power based on how many times Pochika has been summoned

Bond Decant Ability List

These abilities are received from former characters, sometimes indirectly. How many you get at one point depends on how many decant abilities you taught the respective character while he/she was in your party.

Japanese English Location Req. Abilities Effect
ふたりがけ Twin Magic Mysidia Elder after the the Twins event 0 Uses Twin magic
つよがる Bluff "" 1 (Palom), or 2 (Porom) Doubles Intelligence (magic attack) for one spell; cannot stack multiple Bluffs
うそなき Cry "" 1 (Porom), or 2 (Palom) Defense -50% to all enemies
れんぞくま Double Cast (Chain Spells) "" 3 (each twin must have at least 1) Casts two spells in a row
おもいだす Recall When Tella leaves the party 0 Success = Bio, Tornado, Break, Death, Brave, Faith, Bubble, Blizzaga; Failure = Fire, Blizzard, Thunder, Toad, nothing
ふんばる Brace "" 1 Defense x2 in critical condition
はやくち Fast Talk "" 2 Reduces casting time
しらべる Scan At Cid's bedside 0 Uses Libra on all enemies
かいぞう Upgrade "" 1 Adds elemental effect to attack using elemental items
ぎゃくてん Reversal "" 2 Attack power x2 in critical condition
ためる Power (Charge) Yang in the Sylph Cave 0 Doubles damage on next physical attack; can charge up to 3 times; stacks with Jump and other Commands
けり Kick "" 1 Attacks all enemies with element(s) of equipped weapon(s)
がまん Gird "" 2 Reduces damage by 75%
うたう Sing Edward/Gilbert in Troia 0 Lullaby, Temptation, Healing, Frog, Piglet, Speed, Heroes' Song
くすり Medicine (Heal) "" 1 Uses the selected restorative item on all party members at once with full effect
かくれる Hide "" 2 Hides, avoiding all attacks but unable to attack until reappeared
せいしんは Psychic Wave (Regen) FuSoYa in the Crystal Palace 0 Automatic MP regeneration for all party members in battle
フェニックス Phoenix "" 1 When dying, consumes MP to revive all other party members. The percentage of MP left decides how much health is restored to the party. e.g. 100% MP = 100% HP
まほうぜんたいか Target All "" 2 All spells become multi-target

Misc. Ability List

These abilities come with the main cast and can not be transferred.

Japanese English Character Effect
かばう Cover Cecil Takes damage for a party member; automatically activates for allies in critical HP
ジャンプ Jump Kain Delivers double damage; exits battlefield for 1 turn before attack
いのり Prayer Rosa Recover 9~15% of max HP and 6~10% of max MP; may fail
ねらう Aim Rosa Shoot arrows with 100% accuracy
ぬすむ Steal Edge Steals from enemy

Twin Magic Combinations

Certain powerful magic spells will be produced when two characters both select the ふたりがけ (Twin Magic) ability.

Pairing Result MP Effect
Porom x Palom, or other combos Petit Flare 30 Damage to one/all enemies
Porom x Palom, or other combos Petit Meteor 50 Damage to all enemies
Cecil x Rosa Ultima 99 High damage to all enemies, power akin to Meteor
Kain x main characters other than Edge Bubble 50 Doubles max HP of the entire party
Edge x Cecil or Rydia Bravery 50 Boost physical attack of the entire party
Rydia x main characters other than Edge Faith 50 Boost magical attack of the entire party


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